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Fetishism Because Of Methamphetamine (Glass) Punishment: A Case Report

Fetishism Because Of Methamphetamine (Glass) Punishment: A Case Report

Ali Mehdizadeh-Zareanari

1 Psychiatrist, Researcher, Kerman Neuroscience Analysis Center, Scholar Counseling Center, Kerman University of Health Sciences, Kerman, Iran

Alireza Ghafarinezhad

2 Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran

Hoda Soltani

3 Department of Chemistry, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran



Fetishism is a kind of paraphilia. The main focus of intimate arousal in fetishism is oriented towards inanimate items. Intimate arousal and craving are among the reasons the youth turn to crystal (cup). Substance abuse may cause problems in intimate function.

Case Report

The in-patient ended up being a 41 years old guy. He married in age 22 years and experienced intercourses that are frequent their spouse from where he gained pleasure and it also had been his better technique.

Her wife left a decade ago. The in-patient began administration that is crystal insufflations since seven months ago. Simultaneous with crystal punishment, using women’s underwear had been really the only medium by which the in-patient reached sexual orgasm.


Lots of mental signs associated with brand brand new substances (for instance glass) are a new comer to psychiatrists dependency that is treating medical clinics. Fetishism may coexist with addiction as comorbidity. Another point out be mentioned is the fact that, signs and symptoms of fetishism increased and reduced with an increase of much less cup management, showing that apparent symptoms of paraphilia emerge being a total outcome of cup usage. In addition, just before glass use, the client maintained normal intimate tendencies, had skilled sexual activity and failed to have problems with almost any paraphilia schauen sie sich den link an.


Fetishism is a kind of paraphilia, usually seen in men. (más…)

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